Partnership Announcement: x Colizeum is ecstatic to announce our next collaboration with Colizeum, Decentralized App Gaming Store Run By Community.

Colizeum is a virtual Play to Earn-driven ecosystem that, similar to Steam, hosts various games and other applications, thereby creating the general outline of a user funnel. is excited to partner with the Colizeum from these potential perspectives. We will work with the project to determine the best strategic marketing process and will strongly support them in approaching as many potential users as possible using solid materials and an active community. Let’s keep an eye on us and wait for further special events. 

About Colizeum

Colizeum is a decentralized gaming app store run by a community that binds the web2 and web3 gaming experiences and enables the implementation of a Play-2-Earn economy into any game.

Colizeum revolutionizes how developers benefit from their games while allowing players to earn simultaneously. This technology benefits mobile game developers who struggle to monetize and scale their games, as well as gamers who can earn rewards from playing and owning their gaming assets.

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About is the first and only project in the world to cooperate with Huawei in terms of communication and technology! Developed by KBG Studio, is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project aiming to build a healthier world by encouraging people to take steps in daily exercise (running, cycling, swimming, etc.). is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studio.

With a vision of “One million steps for a healthier world,” we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

With that in mind, encourages people to take steps in daily exercise and participate in social activities. Users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards. They can also connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities (donations, running events, etc.) to support those in need.

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