Follow us step-by-step how to buy and bring Mini NFT Sneaker Box to the game.

Purchase Box

Step 1: Go to the marketplace.

Step 2: Choose “Mystery Box”, click “Standard button” to switch to Mini NFT Sneaker Box. 

Step 3: In Sneaker section, choose a box you want to buy. 

Step 4: Click “Buy item” button to purchase the Mini Box.

Step 5: Press “Confirm” button to buy box. 

Transaction succeeds.

Press the “OK button” to back on Account page. 

Open Box

Step 1: At “Account” section, choose “collection” to see Mini NFT Sneaker Box.

Step 2: Click Box to open. 

Step 3: Open box. 

Press “ Ok button” to open box.

The parameters of Mini NFT Sneakers will be displayed as follows: 

Bring Mini NFT Sneaker to the game

Step 1: Click “ View in NFT” button to return to the Account Page. 

Step 2: Click on “ NFT section” to go to the NFT page. 

Step 3: Click “ Bring to game” button. 

Confirm transaction on Metamask. 

Step 4: Check out Mini NFT in the “ NFT in-game” section. 

Back to the app, and use this NFT to run and earn now. 

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  2. Görkem Mızrak Avatar
    Görkem Mızrak

    Hello i collected nft and says it has been brought to the game but i cant see on app can you help me?

    1. kbgstudio Avatar

      Hi mate, Please DM one of our CMs (e.g. DM @peterwelabs ) for detailed support!

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