All About Mini NFT Sneaker Box

In addition to the Beginner NFT Sneaker Box series, the team has decided to launch the Mini NFT Sneaker Box line – at a discounted price – to satisfy the diverse demands of customers.

What is a Mini NFT Sneaker Box?

Mini NFT Sneaker Box is a limited edition NFT item chest that is open for sale on Marketplace in the form of a public sale. The Mini NFT Sneaker Box is set at the price of 142 BUSD (converted into BNB or RUNGEM). When opening Mini NFT Sneaker Box, users will receive:

  • 1 Mini NFT Sneakers with random attributes.

Users can use the Mini NFT Sneaker to take part in the following modes and events in

  • Workout Mode.
  • Championship Mode.
  • Daily Lucky Spin event.
  • Weekly Lucky Spin event.

How to get a Mini NFT Sneaker Box?

Step 1: Go to Marketplace.

Step 2: Connect wallet.

Step 3: Click on the “Mysteries Boxes.”

Step 4: Choose to buy Mini NFT Sneaker Box with BNB or GENI.

Features of Mini NFT Sneakers

Similar to Beginner NFT Sneakers, Mini NFT Sneakers can be used to participate in earning RUNGEM tokens in Workout Mode. However, the $RUNGEM earned will be lesser.

  • Min Base Attribute: 3.
  • Max Base Attribute: 5.
  • ROI: 25 days.

Special Notice

  • User should not keep more than 1 Mini NFT Sneaker in each account.
  • To optimize profits, users should upgrade Mini NFT Sneaker before running

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