New Updated: What is new in version has completed maintenance to update some new features in order to provide you with the best experience possible in the App. Check out the details to see what has been fixed and updated!


  • Workout: subtraction for frozen small blocks.
  • Game: Summary and history of consistent results.
  • Fixed wrong subtraction lifetime error.
  • Update earning according to the new Durability.
  • NFT Sneakers being upgraded must be deselected and cannot run.
  • Game – Profile – Summary: Recent activities show yesterday’s workout. 



  • Workout Indoor mode.
  • Built-in Metamask SDK.
  • Notifications are locked when the user logs in.
  • View in-app message notifications from the admin for users.
  • NFT details – parent and child information maker.
  • Added workout sounds: Sword, Run, Weak, Pause, Stop.
  • Withdrawal – add a daily pool for the Runnow tokens.
  • Adjusted Formula Earn Reward.
  • Adjusted random box stats after mint.
  • Adjustment of energy loss and recovery.
  • In-app wallet link and email display on the profile update page.
  • Adjustment mode upgrade level.
  • Regulated Swap and Withdrawal Tokens: Swap 0.1%, Withdraw: 5%
  • Duration Logic Adjustment.
  • Updated Sneaker info after mint.


  • NFT Detail – parent and child of mint information.
  • Claim GemUni NFT sneaker box features. 


  • Referral Program. 
  • Event update: Stop trial box task, stop 120% lifetime for new open NFT, and stop generating trial code for NFT.

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