How to claim Nano NFT Sneaker Beginner Box

This document will take you to claim your Nano NFT Sneaker Box in great detail.

Follow our step-by-step guidelines to get your own Nano NFT Beginner Sneaker Box with numerous benefits!

Step 1: Connect your wallet to Marketplace.

Step 2: Click on your Account and choose Box Collection.

Step 3: Click on “Sneaker” on My Items.

Step 4: Claim your Nano NFT Beginner Sneaker Box.

Step 5: Open Box.

You will receive 1 Nano Sneaker and 1 Nano Medal per each Nano Box. 

And Parameters of the Nano Sneaker will be displayed as follows. 

Step 6: Click “ View in NFT” button on to back account page.

Step 7: Check out your NFT. 

Nano box will be displayed in the NFT in-game section.

And Nano medal will be displayed in the NFT section.

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