All About Nano NFT Sneaker Box

To provide all users equal opportunity to experience for FREE, we’ve decided to launch our newest giveaway item, the Nano NFT Sneaker Box. 

What is a Nano NFT Sneaker Box?

The Nano NFT Sneaker Box is their complimentary, limited-edition NFT reward chest for all users that connect their wallets on Marketplace. When opening Nano NFT Sneaker Box, users will get:

  • 1 Nano NFT Sneaker.
  • 1 Nano NFT Medal.

Value of Nano NFT Sneaker Box

Nano NFT Sneaker Box is priced at 30 BUSD based on the features and benefits that this Sneaker brings to users.

What is Nano NFT Sneaker used for?

In, users can use the Nano NFT Sneaker to take part in the following modes and events:

  • Play and earn in Workout Mode in 3 days
  • Play and earn in Open Championship Mode (Available this October) only for user who claimed Nano NFT Sneaker
  • Join Daily Lucky Spin event to win the reward in RUNGEM.
  • Join Weekly Lucky Spin event to win the reward in NFT.

Only users who own a Nano NFT Sneaker Box can receive the limited edition Nano NFT Medal. We will soon announce events and valuable items exclusively for Nano NFT Medals’ owners.

How to get a Nano NFT Sneaker Box?

Step 1: Go to Marketplace.

Step 2: Connect wallet.

Step 3: Click the “Claim” button on the pop-up.

Step 4: Go to the “Box Collection” section.

Step 5: Open Nano NFT Sneaker Box to get 1 Nano NFT Sneaker + 1 Nano NFT Medal.

Special Notices:

  • Nano NFT Sneakers’ owners can only participate in Workout Mode for 3 days to collect RUNGEM tokens.
  • Nano NFT Sneakers can be used to play Workout Mode and other modes when Lifetime ends; however, they can no longer be used to earn in Workout Mode.
  • Lifetime of Nano NFT Sneaker will end in 3 days
  • If the user only claims Nano NFT Sneaker but does not bring to the game or does not play Workout Mode, Lifetime points will not be deducted.

Base Attribute:

  • Min Attribute: 0.3.
  • Max Attribute: 0.7.

Claiming Time: October 6th, 2022.

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