Dear Runnow-ers,

Currently, the Runnow.io team has examined the state of the market and concluded that listing at this time will not have the optimal impact on getting the user community to purchase IDO and the project.

As a result, we have decided to postpone the listing today and provide users with the following options:

Users can switch from BUSD to RUNNOW using the R-Swap feature in the game if they need RUNNOW to upgrade and mint sneakers. When issuing a Swap, the price of RUNNOW is 0.14 BUSD on the application. This could go up or down according to market demand. Starting on August 25, 2022, you can officially trade BUSD using RUNNOW.

For users who participate in buying IDO, you will have 2 options: Users that engage in purchasing IDO will have 2 options:

– First option: Runnow.io allows users to receive the RUNNOW token to their Runnow.io app wallet (from August 25 to August 30, 2022), but they are temporarily unable to exchange their tokens for dollars until the project is listed. Users can use that RUNNOW to continue playing the game as usual.

– Second option: Runnow.io will exchange with LaunchPad if you purchased the IDO to reimburse the user 100% of their money (as LaunchPad is now keeping 100% of the IDO buyer’s money, Runnow.io has not yet received any money from LaunchPad).

Why do we provide these options?

Given the state of the market, it will be challenging to guarantee the value of the RUNNOW token through listing. This does not provide users who purchase IDO with the most benefits.

We priced the RUNNOW token x10 in relation to the IDO price when we made it possible for players to purchase RUNNOW in the game for as little as 0.14 BUSD. This has the benefit of raising the RUNNOW token’s listing value. If you stay with RUNNOW throughout this time, you’ll have the chance to get tokens with a minimum IDO value of 10x. (This has nothing to do with the add LP’s listing price.)

The Runnow.io team always appreciates your interest in the project, no matter your selected option.

We continue to cover all expenses following the original agreement with Launchpad partners who joined Runnow.io at the previous IDO event. Please help Runnow.io share this information with the community to benefit all users.

Best regards.

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