– New Version – New Version

👟 What’s new?
▫️ Set up account information.
▫️ Show default character by gender.
Show workout status for Walking, jogging, running, sprinting.. (for both men and women) – UN.
▫️ Update location for workout history.

▫️ Workout:
– Deducting energy according to the 8.3s block right when starting the workout, the user will be deducted 0.14 energy instead of waiting for the 43s block.

▫️ Deposit/Swap/Pool:
– User can deposit BUSD into the marketplace and into the game.
– Can withdraw/Swap BUSD in Game.
– View the daily pool for withdrawal/deposit in the wallet.

⚒ Fixing bugs:
– Claim Trial box.
– Reset additional points.
– Display current attribute instead of base attribute in format (current/base) eg: 29.5/25.
– Newly opened sneaker Trial will change to a minimum of 3 for all stats instead of random range common.

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