HOW TO WITHDRAW $RUNGEM ON RUNNOW.IO decided to publish a mechanism that allows users to withdraw directly the amount of RUNGEM earned into BUSD to MetaMask wallet without having to go through other accounts to ensure the interests of users can earn most conveniently. DEX trading. This will assist RUNGEM in maintaining a stable price of 3 BUSD. The team will have more time to add technical anti-hacking measures.

This guide will show you how to easily obtain $RUNGEM on

Step 1: User deposits BUSD/$RUNGEM into the app.

Step 2: Swap BUSD —> $RUNGEM or vice versa in the app, depending on the user’s purpose. Rate 1 RUNGEM = 3 BUSD.

Step 3: Use RUNGEM to mint, upgrade level.

Step 4: Use NFT SneakersSneakers —> Run earn out $RUNGEM.

Step 5: Withdraw

    + Opt 1: Withdraw straight from $RUNGEM to Metamask wallet. Pay a 5% fee only for Withdraw $RUNGEM.

    + Opt 2: Swap RUNGEM to BUSD. Pay a 5% fee only for swap RUNGEM —> BUSD. Then withdraw BUSD to Metamask wallet at no extra cost.

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