How To Join IDO on Linked Finance World

Step 1: Stake LFW in the Launchpad pool

  • The larger amount of LFW staked, the higher chance you get for IDO allocation (and with larger allocated amount.)
  • Access launchpad pool by the following link:, then click on “View details” button.

Click on “Apply Now” button. ​

  • To join a launchpad pool, connect your wallet and follow these steps:
  1. Enable contract.
  1. Click on “Stake” button to join the pool.
  1. Enter your desired amount and click on “Stake” again to finish
  1. Check your eligible tickets for IDO allocation and LFW reward earned over time.

Step 2: Get whitelisted

  • Three days prior to the IDO sale date of the project, all eligible tickets from the launchpad pool will be considered in a lucky draw. Users whose tickets are selected during this lucky draw are whitelisted to join the IDO sale.

At this stage, a “Join now” button will be shown on the IDO project details page if the user is whitelisted.

Step 3: Join the sale

  • Make sure to join the sale (by clicking the “Join now” button) and contribute the fund as soon as possible on the IDO date, since the total raised fund may be sold out quickly.

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