How To Join IDO on NFTb

To participate in the public pool, you need to stake at least 1 NFTb in the tiered model. More information on how to stake NFTB tokens is available here

*Make sure you have enough BNB in your wallet to pay for the transaction fees. $RUNNOW TOKEN SALE

Below you can find all the details regarding the $RUNNOW sale on the NFTb Launchpad, including the dates and times of important events, token information, vesting schedules, and NFTb allocations and eligibility. IDO TIMELINE

  • Private Pool: August 17, 12:00–13:00 UTC
  • Public Pool: August 17, 13:00–14:00 UTC
  • TGE: August 22, exact time TBA
  • Claiming: August 22, exact time TBA
  • Listing: August 22, exact time TBA IDO DETAILS

  • IDO Location:
  • Payment Token: $BUSD
  • Token Symbol: $RUNNOW
  • NFTb IDO $RUNNOW Price: $0.014
  • NFTb IDO Raise: $100,000
    — Private Pool Raise: $90,000
    — Public Pool Raise: $10,000
  • NFTb IDO Token Supply: 7,142,857 $RUNNOW
    — Private Pool Supply — 6,428,572 $RUNNOW
    — Public Pool Supply —714,285 $RUNNOW
  • Initial Market Cap at TGE: 294,000$


  • 20% unlocked on 22/08/22
  • The next 26.7% unlocked on 22/10/22
  • The next 26.7% unlocked on 22/11/22
  • The final 26.7% unlocked on 22/12/22


Your personal allocation for each launch will change depending on how much $NFTB you have staked. Below are the detailed allocations and eligibility explanations for the IDO:

a) Private Pool Allocation:

  • Platinum Members: 5.5x Allocation (Guaranteed — stake 100.000 $NFTB)
  • Gold Members: 4x Allocation (FCFS — stake 50.000 $NFTB)
  • Silver Members: 1.75x Allocation (FCFS — stake 37.500 $NFTB)
  • Bronze Members: 1x Allocation (FCFS — stake 20.000 $NFTB)

b) Public Pool Allocation:

  1. Community Supporter: Allocation varies (need to stake 1 $NFTB)
  2. Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Members: Same allocation as the Community supporters, if any.

Allocations Explained

  • All allocations will be released 1h before the launch.
  • Private Pool is exclusively available to Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Members who can purchase the tokens 1-hour earlier than the Community Supporters in the Public Pool.
  • Any unclaimed allocations will be made available in the Public Pool. Community Supporters will have 1 hour to purchase the tokens if any are left after the Private Pool closes.
  • All NFTb Membership holders will be able to participate in the Public Pool and the Private Pool sale.

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