Referral Program aspires to construct a large and scalable ecosystem in order to create a long-lasting project. The importance of this is to attract more new users while also nurturing existing users with the finest experience possible.

The 2022 Referral Program arrived just in time to help. Users may now invite and compete with their friends in a variety of game modes while also collecting a little bonus in the world. Isn’t it fun?

Starting Time: August 26th, 2022

Event Duration: TBA


All users completing downloading the App and registering an account

How to join:

Step 1: User downloads the app and creates a account

Step 2: User receives 1 referral code after running 5.000 steps per day.

Step 3: User F0 will use this code to share to all F1 users.

Step 4: User F1 fill this code when sign-up to

Step 5: User F1 run 1,000 step to activate the connection between user F0 and user F1.


– F0 user will receive $1 RUNNOW after a F1 user used that code to sign-up and run 1,000 steps

Reward distribution timeline:

– Right after the connection between F0 and F1 be activated

Activity Rules

  • reserves the right to cancel or amend the reward and these terms and conditions without notice. Any changes to the challenge will be notified to participants as soon as possible.
  • reserves the right to disqualify participants that display signs of malicious activity or activity against
  • The participants agree to allow to use any publicity materials in this activity for promotion in the future. is the sole and final arbiter of an award’s eligibility.

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