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In, the process of “shoe minting” is comparable to “breeding” in many other Play-to-Earn games. It involves using 2 different sneaker NFTs to create a new one.

Time application: August 12th, 2022

As originally stated, only generates 10,000 NFT Sneaker Boxes initially consisting of 4 types Beginner, Jogger, Runner and Super Star. The key to generating more NFTs will be in the hands of the user.

The user can breed 2 NFTs of their equipment (Sneaker/Bike/Swimwear) to produce a new NFT of the same type with some conditions as below:

  • 2 NFTs of the same type (Sneaker vs Sneaker/Bike vs Bike/Swimwear vs Swimwear)
  • 2 NFTs must be owned by the User, do not use NFT under a loan contract to breed
  • When breeding is complete the user receives an NFT Box (Sneaker Box, Bike Box, Swimwear Box). Users can open it to get NFT or sell it on MarketPlace
  • Users can mint up to 7 times per NFT.
  • The smaller the number of cross-breeding NFTs, the higher the price.
  • The NFT minting cost is calculated based on the original 2 NFTs.
  • During the creation of NFT, it was still used to earn money.

Minting Cost

To perform the minting operation between 2 NFT Sneakers, the user needs to own a certain amount of RUNNOW and RUNGEM tokens. The cost will vary based on the rarity of the NFT Sneaker.

Beside, the Minting Cost is also affected by the RUNGEM token price through the Z number. When the RUNGEM price is low, the Z number will increase to prevent coin inflation. 

Some important notes regarding mint costs:

  • Sneaker minting cost will be updated daily on UTC 14:00
  • The first two sneaker minting costs the same.
  • The cost of sneaker minting will be changed from time to time to balance the supply and demand of both RunGem and RunNow.

However, how can users calculate the results of Mint Sneaker to come up with the most reasonable tactics? Let’s check the table below.

Minting Rarity Rate

The users breed 2 NFTs Sneakers to produce a new NFT Box. The rarity of NFT Box is determined by the rarity of 2 original NFTs according to the following table:

When the users open the above NFT Box, the rarity of NFT is determined by the rarity of the NFT Box according to the following table:

Minting Type Rate

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