Explore the Mara Runnow game mode in Runnow.io

Besides regular Workout mode, users can now experience Mara Runnow mode. This mode allows users to participate in a real marathon with hundreds of people all over the world. Of course, the reward received will be much higher than the basic mode.

Instead of seeing their character running like Workout mode, the user can see all the characters of the players participating in the marathon with you right on the phone screen.

Release Time: September 9th, 2022

This mode will include 4 levels of Marathon with different distances including:

  • Weekly Marathon (1.2km/2.0km /3.2km and 3.4km)
  • Monthly Marathon (21km)
  • Quarterly Marathon (42km)
  • Yearly Marathon (42km) – Biggest Prize 

Weekly Marathon

Every Saturday, The Marathon will start every 30 minutes. There are 4 distances for users to participate: 1.2km, 2km, 3.2 km and 3.4km. 

The number of people participating in a marathon is 100 people; there is no limit to the number of marathons in 30 minutes.

Racers will choose the race distance that suits his ability, eliminate speed restrictions on NFT shoes, and help racers choose a running track that is suitable for each person’s ability.

  • Race track 1.2 km (speed limit 1-6km/h)
  • Race track 2 km (speed limit 4-10 km/h)
  • Race track 3.2 km (speed limit 8-20 km/h)
  • Race track 3.4 km (speed limit 1-20 km/h)

The winner is the person who finishes fastest but does not exceed the specified speed of track. A user can only join one room at a time.

When participating in Marathon, users will lose 6 Energy and need to register before 12 hours for the system to arrange into the group.

You will not receive back 6 Energy, if:

  • Complete the route within the allotted time, but not reach top 3.

 You will not receive back 6 Energy, if:

  • Quit midway.
  • Not join when the marathon starts.
  • Unable to complete the route within the allotted time.


The prize will be RUNGEM and will be given to everyone like a workout mode; and only Top 3 people will receive double of  the number of earned Tokens and some bonus RUNGEM based on the number of racers in that track.

And have to wait until the end of the race to fix the sneakers.

Monthly Marathon

The same as the Weekly Marathon, but the Run will be held on the first Saturday of the month.

Quarterly Marathon

The same as the Weekly Marathon, but the Run will be held on the first Saturday of the month.

Yearly Marathon

The same Weekly marathon, but The race will be held on a pre-announced date.

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