Explore the Challenge game mode in Runnow.io

Competition is an integral part of sports. To motivate users to practice, Runnow.io has released a Challenge mode that allows users to compete with all other users in the world.

More than just a running app. Runnow.io is always aiming to combine Gamification to make everyone’s training time more interesting than ever. 

Release Time: September 9th, 2022

Users can challenge anyone on the friend’s list after making friends on the social section of Runnow. It is also possible to automatically match this challenge with another user looking for an opponent.

The challenging part will cost the loser and the specific winner energy. The challenge winner will get a fixed number of tokens from Runnow.

Not just a regular race, users can also pick up random items on the track and use them to increase their advantage.

In addition, you can also combine with friends in the friend list to form a team. Your team can join this mode to face other teams. The appearance of Challenge mode will certainly bring interesting tactics, creating new experiences for users.

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