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In order to help users maximize the earning potential of each NFT Sneaker, has launched the Upgrade Level feature. This feature allows users to improve the NFT Sneaker’s stats and create their own unique strategies.

Upgrade Level

Each NFT Sneaker will start at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 30. To upgrade the level, the user needs to own a certain amount of RUNGEM and RUNNOW. The number will increase gradually depending on the level you want to upgrade.

Besides, every time you upgrade your level, you will have to wait for a while. During the upgrade period, the NFT Sneaker cannot be used to run or withdraw. 

​​However, you can still use RUNGEM to speed up the level up phase. This saves you considerable time and you can immediately use NFT Sneaker with new stats after upgrading. With this feature, players can decide whether to invest in RUNGEM to quickly level up or not, depending on their own tactics.

You can see the Upgrade Level cost statistics here:

You can check the Duration Boost cost here:

Additional Attribute Point

So what are the benefits of upgrading the level of NFT Sneakers? Each NFT Sneaker will start with a random amount of “Base Attribute Point”, depending on the rarity of the NFT. 

When leveling up, NFT Sneakers will gain 4-12  “Additional Attribute Points”. You will use these bonus points to distribute into NFT Sneaker stats.

If you need to focus on earning RUNGEM, Booster will be the attribute you need to pay attention to. If you’re interested in fixing the NFT Sneaker, save your points to upgrade to the Worker attribute. This opens up to users a lot of strategies to choose and optimize their NFT Sneaker.

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