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The value of NFT is highly dependent on scarcity. To prevent inflation and create more value for NFT Sneaker, decided to launch a Lifetime mechanism.

Time application: August 12th, 2022

Lifetime is the period of time during which the Sneaker/Bicycle/Swimwear is usable. Everyday, the user workout, the Sneaker/Bicycle/Swimwear will depreciate to unusable. The lifespan of the Sneaker/Bicycle/Swimwear is 365 days.

Every day, when participating in modes like Work Out/Mara Runnow/PVP, NFT Sneaker’s Lifetime stat will be reduced by 2 points.

Lifetime Reduction Per Day will depend on “Helper” point, rarity, status in-game (Equipped or Not Equipped) of sneaker/bicycle/swimwear, exchange ratio of BUSD/RUNGEM and game mode.. The higher the Helper attribute, the lower the Lifetime Reduction Per Day.

In particular, Lifetime Reduction Per Day is also affected by the RUNGEM token price through the Z number. When the RUNGEM price is low, the Z number will increase to prevent coin inflation, then the lifetime will consume more and will quickly end the process of using NFT. Thanks to that, protect the coin price!

So what will happen when the NFT Sneaker runs out of Lifetime? That NFT Sneaker will no longer be available to participate in any game modes. However, in the future, we will release the Revival feature, allowing users to restore Lifetime to NFT Sneakers.

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