Weekly Lucky Spin Event User Guide

The team always wants to bring values ​​to encourage everyone to practice to improve their health. The Weekly Lucky Spin Event is here to give all users a chance to win the most valuable gift. 

Weekly Lucky Spin is an event in a series of special offers for free users. You don’t need to buy shoes. All you need is to download the app, log in to your account and start running to receive a chance to participate in the Weekly Lucky Spin event. It is your chance to get Beginner Sneaker Box for free and start earning without spending any cost.


All users have completed 6 Daily Lucky Spin Quest this week.

Starting from: 

September 1st, 2022

Joining time: 

From 0AM Sunday – 0AM Monday (UTC) every week

How to join:

Step 1: User downloads app and registers an account.

Step 2: User completes 6 Daily Lucky Spin quests during the week.

Step 3: User receives 1 ticket to participate in Weekend Special Lucky Spin

Step 4: User can use tickets to register for the event within 24 hours

Step 5: If the minimum number of 1,000 participants is reached, the event will trigger and the team will randomly select the lucky one.

Step 6: Results will be announced on the following Monday.

Reward information: 

Reward: 1 Beginner NFT Sneaker Box

Distributed Time: 48h after announcing the result

Activity Rules

  • If the user has used the ticket but the event does not have 1,000 participants, the ticket will be returned to the user.

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