AMA Recap: x BOXTradEX

AMA Recap: x BOXTradEx

The chairman of KBG Studio, Mr. William Nguyen, took part in a live AMA at the BoxTradEX Telegram Official Group on July 29th, 2022.

He got the opportunity to fully introduce to the community, respond to questions about the project, go through the project’s future objectives, and much more during the session. This blog post serves as a recap of the live AMA session and includes queries from the community and William’s comments.

Andre T |

Hello everyone & welcome to today’s AMA section with Runnow and BOXTradEx – Runnow INO Launchpad partner.

Welcome to our guest today, Mr.William Nguyen. @WilliamKBG – Chairman of KBG Studio and Ms Jenny Tang – Brand Marketing specialist from BOXTradEx.

William | KBG Studio: Hi guys.

Thank you for taking the time with us today! @WilliamKBG We have prepared questions for you to give us a deeper understanding abour Runnow and BOXTradEx.

Segment 1: Introduction

Andre T | Mr. William, can you go first and introduce a little bit about yourself?

William | KBG Studio:

I’m William – Chairman at KBG Studios – a gamefi art and development studio.

I am a serial entrepreneur with vast experiences in over 20+ technology businesses and several industries. My aspiration is to adopt the newest technology in management and financial activities on a global scale.

It is my honor to be here to introduce – a promising Move & Earn project that my team and I are passionately working on! This is the first and only project in the world to cooperate with Huawei in terms of communication and technology!

Andre T |

Thank you for your introduction. We heard a very famous name here- Huawei. The project must be very promising, as it is the first project be partnered with Huawei globally.

We also have a guest here from BOXTradEx – Ms Jenny Tang @Asley26 . Can you introduce a little bit about yourself and about BOXTradEx also?

Jenny | BoxTradEX:

My name is Jenny. I have over 5 years experience leading top-performing digital advertising, content marketing globally.

Previously, I work as a marketing specialist for Western Union, and start very interested to do marketing in different industry. Start to know more about crypto and NFT marketplace 3 years ago, now I work as Brand Marketing Specialist and Business development for BOXTradEx – a crypto exchange and NFT marketplace.

Andre T |

Thank you for the introduction part. @WilliamKBG @Asley26

Mr. William! Can you tell us all more about the project, the idea, how it started? And especially why it’s needed?

William | KBG Studio:

Sure, thanks your questions @andretirto is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studios. With a vision “One million steps for a healthier world”, we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

With that in mind, encourages people to take steps in daily exercise and participate in social activities. Not only do users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards, but they can also connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities to support those in need.

Balancing between market trends and our vision, will constantly innovate and upgrade many unique features for users to join and support the community: Runnow Man Tournament, Catchup Runnow Go, Donation, Sleep & Earn, Learn & Earn, etc.

This is our long-term commitment that will be attached in every step and mileston we make.

Andre T |

Very interesting answer. We also heard a name here – BOXTradEx. Can Ms Jenny Tang @Asley26 introduce briefly about BOXTradEx?

Andre T |

Jenny | BoxTradEX: Sure!

Let’s me have a very brief introduction about BOXTradEx.

BOXTradEx is a GameFi Meta-ecosystem NFT marketplace to bridge the gamers, game studios, and eSports/Guild into GameFi wonderland. We are also a cryptocurrency exchange, providing such as spot trading, automated trading tools, and fiat-to-crypto service. We aim to build a crypto-platform with a forward-looking concept to provide entry-level products and services for everyone and based on security and legal compliance.

Our marketplace has over 100,000 NFTs and over 30 gameFi collections you can choose, here is a QR code you can download the app, We aim to build a crypto-platform not just with the forward-looking concept of providing entry-level products and services for everyone, but also firstly based on security and legal compliance.

Let’s take a look in our website:

And this is our marketplace, where INO with will happen on 2022/08/05 at 5 PM Indonesian time:

Now we are open for LAT staking part. LAT is the coin from PlatOn Chain, which I know is very common in Indonesia. Stake your LAT to earn 7% APY for 21 days.

You can go to our app using QR code and use LAT staking.

BOXTradEx Lat Staking is live
Download BOXTradEx App + Register

Andre T |

So we move to the second part, which is the questions from the host.

First question for Runnow @WilliamKBG , can you list a few special features that make RunNow interesting and different from other M2E games?

William | KBG Studio:

First, different from many other projects focusing on only one sport (running), offers diverse sports, including running, cycling, swimming, gym, yoga, sleep, and more. As a result, users have multiple choices when choosing NFTs to start and play modes to earn.

Second, it’s easy to play and earn a lot in There are 12+ Play Modes for users to participate and earn RUNNOW/RUNGEM tokens. With diverse NFTs collections, you can freely trade, sell, lend, lease them for more profits. Tournaments and challenges will be open soon to engage the whole community. Here is a sneak peek: Mara Runnow (for running), Tour de Runnow (for cycling), Swim with Runnow (for swimming), Runnow Man Tournament, and much more.

Also, we will cooperate with NGOs and social communities to organize regular activities for people to join and support those in need. wants to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

Moreover, will be an expansive ecosystem with endless growth opportunities. We will launch a Metaverse of NFT Games and release our own NFT Marketplace, SocialFi, DAO, etc. for you to trade and connect with other users.

Right now, users can download App and start experiencing by themselves on App Store (TestFlight) and Google Play Store.

Here is a complete user guide on how to partake:

Andre T | So impressive for us. Recently, has announced your collaboration with Huawei, one of the biggest tech companies in the world? Can you tell the community more about this amazing partnership?

William | KBG Studio:

Yeah, has accompanied with Huawei, one of the biggest tech companies in the world in a global campaign “One million steps to a healthier world“.

We will give away 10,000 HUAWEI Band 4e health trackers to encourage people to form their new fitness lifestyle. This is a long-term vision of both sides in applying technology in health training and contributing sustainable social values to the community. App will sync data with Huawei wearable devices for users to monitor their health and exercise progress, participate in charity activities, and plant trees in the app x Huawei: Challenge 5,000 steps a day

Andre T | We also heard that BOXTradEx @Asley26 is partner with Runnow for INO launchpad. I heard the news and it will be on 5th of August right? How is your INO/IDO going?

Jenny | BoxTradEX: Correct

We will have first INO with Runnow team on 5th August.

Let’s me introduce a little bit about BOXtradEx NFT Marketplace and service.

We are an exchange and an NFT Marketplace. We offer 0.1% transaction fee and a low minting fee of around $2-3. Moreover, we also support 20 kinds of multiple chains means buyers or sellers can trade NFT with various coins like ETH BNB BTC WAX AVAX, etc. We have launched our token called BOXT. Since August, if register and KYC app, you can earn 25 USDT Trial Fund airdrop to your account right away.

Once you trade in our NFT market place you can earn our token as a reward (For 30 USDT NFT, you can receive 5 BOXT airdrop right away). The maker and taker fee is around 1% each. We provide royalty fee for NFT Creators and artists, around 1% ~ 15%. So welcome to our NFT marketplace to buy and sell your assets!

Now we also provide INO/ICO and token list service for every partner.
We intend to host INO with Runnow on 5th August. Our NFT Marketplace for Web version is ready, you guys can take a look here for Runnow NFT collections:

In order to join our INO,you can go to Youtube and see this video as a reference step for how to join our INO.

Here is the detailed User Guide how to open the box

There will be a total sale of 10,000 Limited NFT Sneakers Boxes in four levels: Beginner, Jogger, Runner, and Super Star. After this event, you can only get NFTs through minting without any new NFTs being sold. But from us, the total quantity will be 1000 NFTs.

Andre T | How is your INO/IDO going? Which launchpads are you partnering with? What requirements do users need to join in your INO/IDO?

William | KBG Studio:

Our INO is still on the go on multiple launchpads: BOXTradEx, BSClaunch,, NFT Marketplace.

As Jenny has introduced, we will have the INO of NFT Sneakers Boxes on August 5. We are carefully preparing for the launching so as to give users best experience.

Now, you can still purchase NFT Beginner Mystery Boxes on NFT Marketplace and BSClaunch (from Jul 29 – 10 AM UTC Jul 31)
– NFT Marketplace:
– BSClaunch:

Our IDO is scheduled on Aug 8 on multiple launchpads. More details will be announced in the upcoming days.

RUNNOW is our main token, used primarily for buying NFTs and upgrading NFTs level. There are 30 levels you need to upgrade. As you level up, you will have more chances to increase your earning rates.

Also, RUNNOW is used to mint NFTs. You can get a new, rarer one when minting two NFTs; as a result, you will receive higher earning rates and more advantages.

Special Benefits for owners of the first 10,000 nfts

Moreover, aims to build an expansive ecosystem with many unique features (Runnow Man Tournament, Catchup Runnow Go, Donation, Sleep & Earn, Learn & Earn, etc.) and applications (Metaverse of NFT Games, NFT Marketplace, SocialFi, DAO, etc.). It is expected that the demand for RUNNOW token will go up vastly when gaming products are released and the ecosystem grows.

Andre T | Will @WilliamKBG make any further efforts to reach out to and engage new users?

William | KBG Studio:

We are preparing more events to engage users in the community:

Huawei Challenge: Users need to download App and start running with their NFT Sneakers to be eligible for the health tracker.

Users must meet the target of 5,000 steps per day in 7 consecutive days. If they fail one day, users must start again from the beginning.

There will be no geographical restriction in this event. However, about reward distribution:

  • Vietnamese users will receive 1 HUAWEI Band 4e for each NFT Sneakers Box.
  • Global Users will receive a $15 cash back for each NFT Sneakers Box.

The HUAWEI Band 4e will be distributed in the first-come, first-served basis, so we do suggest you take action soon to bring home your own health tracker.

Total reward for the first 10,000 NFT owners: $740 + 20 $RUNNOW. Reward Package for free users

Total reward package for Free User: $360 + 105 $RUNNOW. Elite Welcome Package

Elite Program: Any user who ran at least 100,000 steps on other M2E apps can join App and receive a Elite Welcome Package (1 pair of Free Trial shoes, 3 $RUNNOW, and 6% discount voucher when buying NFT Sneakers Boxes on the NFT Marketplace).

Please follow our social and community channels to not miss any exciting events and activities.

Andre T | We would like to learn more about’s future plans and roadmap. What kind of news we may hear from you in the upcoming period?

William | KBG Studio:

Sure, my pleasure.

We have a long-term development plan until the end of 2022.

In August, IDO is scheduled on Aug 8, following by RUNGEM listing on Aug 10 as $3

Here are $RUNGEM utilities:
1️⃣ Upgrade NFTs
2️⃣ Mint NFTs to get new Sneakers
3️⃣ Repair Sneakers
4️⃣ Buy Food/Fashion – PvP Fee
5️⃣ Reset Attributes

And then we will release Free Trial & Daily Quest Feature. At the same time, users can bring NFT from Game to Marketplace. Two new features: Team & Friends and Upgrade Sneaker Level will also be unlocked.

Users will be able to mint NFTs to get a new, rarer one and participate in a new Running mode – Mara Runnow. Our main modes for Running, including Workout & Leaderboard will also be unlocked

In September, multiple play modes will be released, including Workout & Leaderboard for Cycling, 1 vs 1/Team vs Team, Daily Quest, and Stake, Exercise & Earn. We will introduce a new sport – Cycling and NFT Character, Land, Gem as well as sell Limited Boxes by RUNNOW token.

Moreover, we will support multichain and finish wearable device API with iOS & Android. We are also planning to launch Runnow SocialFi within the GemUni Platform.

In Q4/2022, we will introduce New Anti-Inflation Mechanics and the third sport – Swimming – with its Limited NFT Swimwear Boxes.

More modes will be accessible by users: Tour De Runnow (Cycling), Swim With Runnow (Swimming), Runnow Man, Sleep & Earn, Donation, Catchup Runnow Go.

Runnow DAO will also be released through GemUni Platform in this quarter.

For the latest updates, please visit our website:

Flores: Wow that’s great! lets jump into next section, i will pick the best question from twitter. Lets start with BoxTradEx.

Segment 2: Twitter Questions

Flores: What big benefit to top $BOXT holders ?What are the use cases of your token, and how are we as users motivated to buy and hold long term?

Jenny | BoxTradEX:

For the one who hold $BOXT, they will have several benefits:

  • Reduce transaction fee when buying NFT (Now buy NFT > 30 USDT can airdrop 5 BOXT).
  • Have more chance to join whitelist, airdrop from partners.
  • In the future, we may open staking function for the one who hold $BOXT.
  • Have more chance to try and join new function, features of our exchange and NFT marketplace.

Flores: This question for

How can Runnow NFTs be used and what are the benefits to their owners? Can you describe your NFTs and tell us more about your INO?

William | KBG Studio:

Good question.

Our NFTs have multiple utilities for you to earn:

  1. Participate in 12+ game modes: You will have exclusive access to two earning features: Workout and Free trial Sneaker on July 16
  2. Upgrade NFTs: You can upgrade 1-30 NFTs level to increase earning rates
  3. NFTs Minting: You can breed 2 NFT Sneakers to get a new one
  4. Lending & Leasing: You can let others borrow your NFTs through either normal rental or profit-sharing method
  5. Staking & Farming: You can stake and farm NFTs to receive attractive interest rates

Read more: offers four levels of Sneakers, each suitable for different runners’ fitness needs and professionalism.

Beginner Sneakers allow you to run between 1 and 6 km/h, while Joggers enable faster speeds, at 4-10 km/h. Runners are higher-level sneakers in which you can run from 8 to 20 km/h. Super Stars are the most powerful sneakers which permits a 10-20 km/h run and highest earnings.

Depending on the level of Sneakers, you will earn different number of RUNGEM (reward token). The higher Sneakers levels, the higher earning rates.

Each pair of sneaker will cost you 12 Energy to start exercising with the earning rates of 80, 100, 120, 140 RUNGEM respectively. You can increase the earning rates by upgrading your NFT to higher levels (1 to 30) or breed 2 NFTs to get a rarer one.

Now, you can buy on NFT Marketplace and BSClaunch. Here is User Guide:

After purchasing NFTs, transfer your NFTs to App, start exercising and earn. Check this out: Reward Package for Free Users

However, you can also join for free and still enjoy multiple benefits.


That details its very helpful for our community.

And next question is for metabase itself, and @juansoe as CEO will answer it.

Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How do #Metabase manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token? What are the benefits of token long-term holders? @KyberOcean


Hey guys!

Technology as we know is one of the most crucial aspects of our life yet some parts of it are still complicated. Metabase strives to becoming the leading GameFi infrastructure to remove the existing frictions faced by end-users today as a mission to onboard the next BILLION people into GameFi.

We believe that as our token holders play a strong part in growing the value of our ecosystem, they will be able to participate in more activities and access more exclusive features to grow the project using our tokens. The token holders would then enjoy the value of what Metabase earns from different aspects of our services.


Well done, thanks for the wonderful introduction to and BoxTradEx @WilliamKBG @Asley26 @juansoe ! Now we move on to the next segment, live questions from the community members

Are you ready for the live session @WilliamKBG @Asley26 @juansoe?

Segment 3: Live Questions

Flores: Wow, they seem very excited!
If you can’t get through everyone’s questions, just answer the best questions. And please let me know when you are done answering 🙂
@WilliamKBG @Asley26 @andretirto

Q1. Have you being audited ? Have not heard you talk about that security of funds is what every investor craves for and plans to escape incase of insecurity if funds,scams and rug pulls ? How strongly built are your security put in place? #RUNNOW #AMAwithRUNNOW #BOXTRADEX


Good question

Actually, we are being audited by Verichains – one of the most high-quality blockchain development and smart contract security audit services. It once fixed the Ronin Bridge from Axie Infinity and we are very confident to have our project protected by them.

Before full launch, we also have multiple rounds of testing and getting feedback through the internal Alpha testing and public Beta testing. We also listen to users and collect their feedbacks for continuous improvement.

Q2. Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Please follow: BOXTradEx






Download iOS:

Download Android:

We are going to have INO with on 5th August, via:


Flores: Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with us! I’m sure our community is quite satisfied with this intro we have provided about and BoxTradEx! We’ve really learned a lot with you today! Would you like to leave a last message to our community @WilliamKBG @Asley26 ?

William | KBG Studio: Oh thanks everyone for great AMA.

Jenny | BoxTradEX: Thank you everyone for joining our AMA.

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