x Huawei: 2022 Challenge Announcement x Huawei: 2022 Challenge Announcement, KBG Studio’s newest fitness app, has cooperated with Huawei in a global campaign “One million steps for a healthier world.” 

10,000 HUAWEI Band 4e will be gifted to the global community for health monitoring. App will sync data with Huawei wearable devices for users to monitor their health and exercise progress, participate in charity activities, and plant trees in the app.

In light of this campaign, will launch a series of events to promote and engage users worldwide. The first event launching is called “Huawei Challenge.”

Starting Time: September 15th, 2022


All users who purchased NFT Sneakers Boxes


  • Be the first one to experience the Sleep-to-Earn feature
  • Get 1 Free Trial NFT Bed
  • Monitor health and exercise progress within the app

How to join: 

Step 1: Download App Mainnet version on App Store (TestFlight) or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Purchase your own NFT Sneakers


User Guide:

Step 3: Join Huawei Challenge

The rules are:

  • Move 5,000 steps per day in 7 consecutive days
  • If either criterion fails, players must start again from the beginning

Step 4: Fill in the form to receive your reward



Rewards will be distributed to all eligible participants in two ways:

  • Vietnamese Users: Receive 1 HUAWEI Band 4e for each NFT Sneakers Box
  • Global Users: Receive a $15 cash back for each NFT Sneakers Box

Reward distribution time: September 2022


– If users cannot meet the target of 5,000 steps in one day for 7 consecutive days, they will have to start again from the beginning.

– Users are only eligible to join Huawei Challenge and receive rewards when they purchase NFTs from Limited 10,000 NFT Sneakers Boxes on NFT Marketplace, BSClaunch, BOXTradEx.

For further information about the program, pay a visit to KBG Studio’s official social and community channels:

Twitter | Discord | Telegram Channel | Telegram Community | Reddit | YouTube | Facebook | Medium | TikTok

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