x GemUni: Sell NFT Sneakers Boxes by GENI token x GemUni: Sell NFT Sneakers Boxes by GENI token

Hey everyone!

We are excited to announce that you can now buy NFT Sneakers Boxes by GemUni main token – GENI.

GemUni is building the World’s First Multi-Integrated Ecosystem for NFT Blockchain Games. Users can enjoy 1000+ diverse, addictive Casual Games and Signature Games Play to Earn while immersing themselves in an all-in-one ecosystem with multiple features and value-added utilities in the gamefi metaverse.

Let’s check out this amazing collaboration event:

Price: 20,000 GENI/box

How to buy: 

You can check out the User Guide and ROI Calculator.

Benefits of owning NFT Sneakers: 

  • 12+ game modes participation: Free to Play/Free to Earn, Workout, Leaderboard, Daily Request, Mara Runnow – Running, Challenge Mode, and more.
  • In-app Trading: You can Trade Boxes and NFTs with other users for profits.
  • NFTs Level Upgrading: You can upgrade your NFTs to higher levels (from 1 to 30) and increase your earning rates.
  • NFTs Minting: You can get a new, rarer NFT through minting and earn more from them.
  • Lending & Leasing: You can Lend/Lease your NFTs to others using standard retail or profit-sharing methods.
  • Staking & Farming: You can Stake and Farm NFT Sneakers to receive attractive interest rates.

Only a limited number of NFT Sneaker Boxes are available, grab your chance now to own one!

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