Top 6 Benefits of Joining INO Event

Top 6 Benefits of joining INO Event

From July 10th to 22nd, 2022, will launch the first INO of Limited 10,000 NFT Sneakers on NFT Marketplace and our partners’ launchpads. Four levels of Sneakers—Beginner, Jogger, Runner, and Super Star—will be available in the form of Mystery Boxes.

With the beautiful perks that early adopters can receive, this is considered the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for people desiring to alter a new and healthier lifestyle and earn extra passive income.

Here are the top 6 benefits early birds wouldn’t want to miss from purchasing INO of NFT Sneaker Boxes. 

1. Get the Legendary (rarest) NFT Sneakers at a low cost

Each NFT level will have five different rarities: Common, Rare, Super Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The rarer the NFTs you have, the more advantages and higher earning rates you will receive.

Learn more: 

Moreover, the Rarity Rate will decline for the subsequent round, alongside the increased selling price. Therefore, you are more likely to get the rarest NFT Sneakers in the first sale round. In other words, the first sale round is considered the most economical method to gain premium items at a low cost. 

2. Buy NFT Sneakers at a discounted price in the first 48-hour opening

The NFT price will increase over time during the first 48-hour opening and continue to rise in the NFT Marketplace and other partners’ launchpads.  

The price policy will be most preferential for buyers who purchase in the first 12 hours, then will change for the next 12 and 24 hours accordingly.

Here is the price list of NFT Beginner Sneakers Boxes on NFT Marketplace from July 10th to 12th:

  • First 12 hours: 1.5 BNB per NFT
  • Next 12 hours: 1.6 BNB per NFT
  • Final 24 hours: 1.7 BNB per NFT

3. Exclusively participate in the Sneakers Boxes Opening Day and Beta Testing of the App 

Being an NFT holder for also entitles users to an exclusive ticket to the company’s upcoming official events on July 14: 

  • Sneakers Boxes Opening Day: users can unbox their purchased Mystery Boxes to get the NFT Sneakers, and
  • Beta Testing of the App: users will be the first ones to have access to the App with their Sneakers and start exercising.

4. Experience 12+ game modes and more with just the Beginner level

Players with their purchased NFT Sneakers can quickly experience and earn from 12+ game modes, even with just the Beginner level on the Mainnet (July 16). Workout and Free trial Sneaker modes will also be available on App since July 16 for users to exercise and earn. 

Balancing market trends and the long-term vision, will constantly innovate and upgrade many unique features for users to join and support the community: Runnow Man Tournament, Catchup Runnow Go, Donation, Sleep & Earn, Learn & Earn, etc.

For a deeper understanding of’s game modes and how to earn with your NFTs, take a look at:  

5. Increase earning rates by upgrading the NFT level or minting two NFTs 

With the initial NFTs, players are at ease when it comes to upgrading NFTs to increase earning rates or minting a new NFT.

For upgrading, there are 30 levels for every NFT, and each level will require more RUNGEM and/or RUNNOW and time to complete. 

For minting, you can earn a new NFT Sneaker by breeding two NFTs. You can make up to 7 mints per NFT. The smaller the number of cross-breeding NFTs, the higher the price. The NFT minting cost is calculated based on the original NFT.

Read this article to get a closer look at what you can do with’s NFT Sneakers: 

6. Connect with and support communities worldwide will collaborate with NGOs and social networks to plan frequent events that anybody may participate in to help those in need. 

Early INO participants are currently the most crucial individuals to assist carry out its social programs because wants to create a healthy, inclusive, and sustainable society where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.


With the first launch of INO NFT Sneakers from July 10th to 22nd, we are getting a step to achieve a vision of “One million steps for a healthier world.” 

Now, you can join us in this event and purchase the early NFT Sneakers at the most favorable price to exercise and earn. Check out this user guide for detailed instructions.

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