User Guide: How To Buy, Open, and Trade NFT Sneaker Boxes

User Guide: How to buy, open and trade NFT Sneaker Boxes

Follow our detailed step-by-step guide to buy, open and trade your own NFT Sneaker Box on Mainnet!

1. Open the NFT Marketplace

Visit the NFT Marketplace page.


Open the NFT Marketplace

2. Connect your Wallet

Click on the “Connect Wallet” button. You can quickly log in with your MetaMask wallet or click the “Wallet Connect” button to link with other wallets.

Log in with your MetaMask wallet or Wallet Connect

3. Choose a Mystery Box

After connecting the wallet, click on the “Mystery Boxes” tab. Here will show all Boxes of Character, Bicycle, Sneaker, Swimwear, Land, and Gem. You can use filters to sort prices from low to high or vice versa.

Choose a Mystery Box on NFT Marketplace

4. Buy a Mystery Box

Choose any of your favorite Mystery Boxes with the listed price. You will be directed to Box’s information page, including Box name, Collection name, Owner, and Selling price in currency (BNB).

Choose your favorite Mystery Boxes on NFT Marketplace
The Mystery Boxes are paid successfully on NFT Marketplace

5. Open your Mystery Box

After successfully buying the Mystery Box, click on “Account.” You will be directed to your profile.

Click the “Box Collection” button, and the Mystery Boxes you successfully purchased appear complete.

Open your Mystery Box in the NFT Marketplace

When you click on any Mystery Box, you will have three options:

  • Click to reveal: Open the box now to receive the random NFT.
  • Bring to game: Transfer Mystery Box to the app. This box will be stored in the “Inventory” section.
  • Sell ​​item: You can resell this Mystery Box at an arbitrary price.
View your NFT Beginner Sneaker on NFT Marketplace

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