AMA Recap: Catch up with INO

AMA Recap: Catch up with INO

William Nguyen, Chairman of KBG Studio, is having a great time with the Telegram Community on July 9th, 2022.

He got a chance to catch up on the upcoming INO event and gained some valuable insights. The blog post will lead you through the Community Questions, Quizzes, and William’s comments.


Join us today is our great Chairman at KBG Studio – Mr. @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio
Glad to see you all!

I’m William – Chairman at KBG Studio.

So excited to chat with all of you today about and its upcoming INO starting on July 10, 2022.

Here is today’s agenda:

Part 1: Discussion with Guest
Part 2: Live questions (5 questions)
Part 3: Live quiz (5 questions)

Without further ado, let’s start our AMA today. Are you ready @WilliamKBG?

William | KBG Studio
Let’s go.

Part 1: Discussion with Guest


Seems like there’s been a lot of new users lately, so could you please introduce again about project?

William | KBG Studio

Okay, is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studios. With a vision “One million steps for a healthier world”, we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

Balancing between market trends and our vision, will constantly innovate and upgrade many unique features for users to join and support the community: Runnow Man Tournament, Catchup Runnow Go, Donation, Sleep & Earn, Learn & Earn, etc.

This is our long-term commitment that will be attached in every step and mileston we make.


Great. Ok, now back to our main event: INO event.

Question 1. Could you please give a brief description about INO?

William | KBG Studio

Sure! INO is set to launch from July 10 to 22, 2022 on multiple launchpads, including NFT Marketplace and its partners’.

There will be a total sale of 10,000 Limited NFT Sneakers Boxes in four levels: Beginner, Jogger, Runner, and Super Star. After this event, you can only get NFTs through minting without any new NFTs being sold.

The first launch will start tomorrow. 1,000 NFT Beginner Mystery Boxes will be available for purchase on NFT Marketplace from July 10 to 12, 2022.

Here is the detailed User Guide.


Question 2. Can you tell us more about each level of Sneakers you have mentioned? What are their differences and how do users benefit from each of them?

William | KBG Studio

Beginner Sneakers allow you to run between 1 and 6 km/h, while Joggers enable faster speeds, at 4-10 km/h. Runners are higher-level sneakers in which you can run from 8 to 20 km/h. Super Stars are the most powerful sneakers which permits a 10-20 km/h run and highest earnings.

Depending on the level of Sneakers, you will earn different number of RUNGEM (reward token). The higher Sneakers levels, the higher earning rates. Each pair of sneaker will cost you 12 Energy to start exercising with the earning rates of 80, 100, 120, 140 RUNGEM respectively.

Our NFTs have multiple utilities for you to earn:

  1. Participate in 12+ game modes: You will have exclusive access to two earning features: Workout and Free trial Sneaker on July 16.
  2. Upgrade NFTs: You can upgrade 1-30 NFTs level to increase earning rates
  3. NFTs Minting: You can breed 2 NFT Sneakers to get a new one.
  4. Lending & Leasing: You can let others borrow your NFTs through either normal rental or profit-sharing method.
  5. Staking & Farming: You can stake and farm NFTs to receive attractive interest rates.

Read more here:


Can you tell us about the benefits of INO? It’s what users care about @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio


There are some benefits for you when joining the INO tomorrow:

  • Have high chances to get the Legendary (rarest) NFT Sneakers at a low cost.
  • Buy NFT Sneakers at a discounted price in the first 48-hour opening.
  • Exclusively join in the Sneakers Boxes Opening Day and Beta Testing of App.
  • Connect with and support communities worldwide.


I’m really looking forward to the launch of INO tomorrow!

Let’s move on Question 3. Besides NFT Marketplace, where will you launch your INO? Can you list some partnership you are currently working on?

William | KBG Studio

We are doing partnership with the leading tech and blockchain businesses at both local and global scales. A few names are:

(1) BSClaunch – the smart platform for top-tier projects reach to the world;

(2) BoxTradEx – a crypto-platform with forward-looking concept firstly based on security and legal compliance.

They will be our launchpads in this INO event. More details will be revealed soon.

We are also in talks with other globally renowned partners, including a leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices. Stay tuned to our updates!


Great answer!

I think that users have recently shown a lot of interest in this question.

Question 4. What are your plans after the INO? When will users be able to use their NFTs in your app?

William | KBG Studio

Okay, we have outlined a clear plan within and after the INO. Users will have very early access to App and distinctive features once they own our NFT Sneakers.

In July:
On 10-22/07
, we are going to INO 10,000 Limited Sneakers Boxes on both NFT Marketplace and other partners’ launchpads.

On 14/07, users can Open Box/Trade NFT and join Beta Testing of Mobile App. We will also list RUNGEM token on the same day and go on Mainnet (16/07) with two features: Workout and Free trial Sneaker.

IDO is scheduled on 30/07, following by RUNNOW token listing on August.

In August, users will be able to mint NFTs to get a new, rarer one and participate in a new Running mode – Mara Runnow.

In September, multiple play modes will be released, including Workout & Leaderboard for Cycling, 1 vs 1/Team vs Team, Daily Quest, and Stake, Exercise & Earn. We will introduce a new sport – Cycling and NFT Character, Land, Gem as well as sell Limited Boxes by RUNNOW token.

Morever, we will support multichain and finish wearable device API with iOS & Android. We are also planning to launch Runnow SocialFi within the GemUni Platform.

In Q4/2022, we will introduce New Anti-Inflation Mechanics and the third sport – Swimming – with its Limited NFT Swimwear Boxes.

More modes will be accessible by users: Tour De Runnow (Cycling), Swim With Runnow (Swimming), Runnow Man, Sleep & Earn, Donation, Catchup Runnow Go.

Runnow DAO will also be released through GemUni Platform in this quarter.

For the latest updates, please visit our website:


It would be great if could make these things happen 🔥🔥

Great job @WilliamKBG. It’s the end of the first part.

Now it’s time for Part 2: Live questions. Those whom questions are picked will receive rewards.

Part 2: Live Questions


Let’s pick 5 questions, @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio

Q1. My main worry is the Liquidity Pool. What is the source of the LP? From the proceeds of the sale of NFTs or…. Could you please share with us?


Regarding liquidity pool, don’t worry. We have a detailed plan for adding liquidity pool. You know, we were invested by K-Group Ventures. In the near future, we are about to announce many more famous partners. Keep watching!

Q2. A M2E project, in my opinion, should provide both free-to-play and free-to-earn modes to attract traditional sporter (and possibly possible investors).
Is it on RUNNOW ‘s to-do list?


You can also join for free with our Free to Play/Free to Earn modes.

With Free to Play, you can quickly create an account and log in App to practice and record daily exercise results for free.

With Free to Earn, lucky participants in the Airdrop Gift Code event can get a Gift Code to complete a quick workout challenge in order to unlock the Mystery Box. Users will either receive a gift of Sneakers, a Bicycle, or Swimwear once they open the Mystery Box (this is not an NFT and has a limited life circle), then practice to earn.

Q3. Under a investor view, what are the benefits if I choose to invest in RUNNOW INO at the beginning?


  • Have high chances to get the Legendary (rarest) NFT Sneakers at a low cost.
  • Buy NFT Sneakers at a discounted price in the first 48-hour opening.
  • Exclusively join in the Sneakers Boxes Opening Day and Beta Testing of App.
  • Connect with and support communities worldwide.

Q4. Can you introduce briefly about the earning mechanism of RUNNOW? and whether RunNationX have one or 2 token?


There are multiple ways for you to earn from

  1. Earn from the upgraded NFTs: You can upgrade your NFTs to higher levels (from 1 to 30) and increase earning rates
  2. Earn from the minted NFTs: You can get a new, rarer NFT through minting and earn more from them
  3. Earn from NFTs Lending & Leasing: You can Lend/Lease your NFTs to others using either the standard retail or profit-sharing methods
  4. Earn from Staking & Farming NFTs: You can Stake and Farm NFT Sneakers to receive attractive interest rates
    And much more. will have two tokens: RUNNOW (main token) and RUNGEM (reward token).

RUNNOW is used primarily for buying NFTs, upgrading NFTs level, minting NFTs, vote DAO, Staking & Farming, etc. while, RUNGEM is also used to upgrade NFTs level and mint NFTs, and more: repair NFTs, buy Food/Fashion – PvP Fee and reset attributes.

Q5. How will users of RUNNOW can be optimistic when the market go red?


Why panic? The downtrend market is also when quality projects appear on the market. We have prepared for this season and have a full development roadmap ahead to work on, you can check out our roadmap on the website:

Also, we are confident about the values that brings to the community, benefits for investors in a time when most people’s investments are at a loss. Hope we do our best to bring the most profit to you.


Wow, such an informative session. I guess everyone had a clear understanding about INO.

Now, we have come to the last part of the AMA today: Live quiz.

Let’s see how well you know about INO after the detailed sessions from our guest.

Only four participants who get the fastest correct answers will receive rewards.
So, be ready as we will start right away!

Part 3: Quiz

Question 1: What time and date will launch its INO?

Answer: 9 AM UTC – July 10th.

Question 2: Arrange four types of NFT Sneakers from the highest level to the lowest!

Answer: Superstar, Runner, Jogger, Beginner.

Question 3: What is our main token?

Answer: $RUNNOW

Question 4: Where will launch its INO first?

Answer: Marketplace.

Question 5: How many NFT Sneakers Boxes will be sold in NFT Marketplace? Which types are they?

Answer: 1,000 NFT Beginner (Mystery Boxes).


It’s already the end of the AMA today.

Thank you @WilliamKBG for your precious time.

William | KBG Studio

Thanks everyone for participating.

See you guys at the INO tomorrow on NFT Marketplace.

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