AMA Recap: x GemUni

AMA Recap: x GemUni

Mr. William Nguyen, Chairman of KBG Studio, participated in a live AMA at the GemUni Official Community on July 8th, 2022.

During this session, he had the chance to completely present to the community, answer inquiries about the project, go through the project’s future goals, and much more. The community’s questions and William’s responses are included in this blog post, which serves as a summary of the live AMA session.


Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Hello everyone, and welcome to our AMA: GemUni x 🎉🎉

The chat has been muted now, and you will have the chance to send your questions during the live Telegram round

Join us today is our great Chairman at KBG Studios – Mr. @WilliamKBG 😍

William | KBG Studio:
Hi guys

Glad to see you all

I’m William – KBG Studios’ Chairman.

So excited to chat with all of you today. Can’t wait to catch up with you guys about KBG Studios and our first Signature Game

Hope we will interact a lot today and have a good time together

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Thanks @WilliamKBG for great introduction 😊

Here is today’s agenda:

Part 1: Discussion with Guest
Part 2: Twitter questions (3 questions)
Part 3: Live questions (3 questions)

Without further ado, let’s start our AMA today!

William | KBG Studio:
Here we go

Part 1: Discussion with Guest

Christianna| Will never DM you first:

Question 1 : I saw that Signature Games are a collaborative project between KBG Studio and GemUni. Could you share a little bit about this cooperation? How does this happen?

William | KBG Studio:
Okay, first, KBG Studio is a blockchain game studio aiming to accelerate blockchain adoption and create decentralized gaming products with enriched in-game ecosystems. Eigh different Signature Games will be released this year, bringing exceptional experiences and earning opportunities for players.

You know, to achieve that, we look for partners with the same vision and GemUni comes as a perfect fit.

GemUni is building the World’s First Multi-Integrated Ecosystem for NFT Blockchain Games. They have a Casual Gaming Platform (200+ games Play to Earn), their own NFT Marketplace with various DeFi mechanics, and a growing user base in the gamefi market. In the future, GemUni will release Social Gaming Platform, IGO/INO Launchpad, DAO Platform, Tournament System, NFTs Creator System, and more.

Therefore, this partnership is a win-win. As a strategic partner, KBG Studio can add up our games to the GemUni ecosystem and utilize the available DeFi mechanics and upcoming platforms to grow users. In return, GemUni can expand their games porfolio to achieve their vision and build the GemUni Metaverse Game that will come online in 2023.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:

Question 2: Why is the first release? What opportunities do you see from the move-to-earn trend?

William | KBG Studio:
Interesting question!

William | KBG Studio:
Well, with initiatives like STEPN and Genopets, Move to Earn has arisen to be one of the hottest trends right now. These projects encourage users to exercise by combining gamefi features with fitness apps.

However, every trend that expands too swiftly might have unanticipated drawbacks besides its benefits. Plus, the market cannot manage the increasing heat waves, especially when the technology is still in its inception.

We see a lot of open opportunities for Move to Earn to grow and better more than present. That’s why is released first. In addition, healthcare is a lifetime thing and we want to build a long-term project that benefits people.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Everyone is curious about, let’s go to more in-depth questions about the project 😊

Question 3: Could you please give a brief intro about What differentiates from other projects @WilliamKBG?

William | KBG Studio:

Thanks for the question is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studios. With a vision “One million steps for a healthier world”, we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

With that in mind, encourages people to take steps in daily exercise and participate in social activities. Not only do users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards, but they can also connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities to support those in need.

Balancing between market trends and our vision, will constantly innovate and upgrade many unique features for users to join and support the community: Runnow Man Tournament, Catchup Runnow Go, Donation, Sleep & Earn, Learn & Earn, etc.

About the differentiation:
First, different from many other projects focusing on only one sport (running), offers diverse sports, including running, cycling, swimming, gym, yoga, sleep, and more. As a result, users have multiple choices when choosing NFTs to start and play modes to earn.

Second, it’s easy to play and earn a lot in There are 12+ Play Modes for users to participate and earn RUNNOW/RUNGEM tokens. With diverse NFTs collections, you can freely trade, sell, lend, lease them for more profits. Tournaments and challenges will be open soon to engage the whole community. Here is a sneak peek: Mara Runnow (for running), Tour de Runnow (for cycling), Swim with Runnow (for swimming), Runnow Man Tournament, and much more.

Also, we will cooperate with NGOs and social communities to organize regular activities for people to join and support those in need. wants to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

Moreover, will be an expansive ecosystem with endless growth opportunities. We will launch a Metaverse of NFT Games and release our own NFT Marketplace, SocialFi, DAO, etc. for you to trade and connect with other users.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Since I don’t exercise a lot, Sleep & Earn seems to be a good fit for me 😂

Another exciting feature is Mara Runnow. Wherever our friends are, we can run with them, right? @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio:
Of course

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
So cool! Let’s move on next question: How does the team envision in the future? What are your plans to increase awareness as well as improve global adoption of users?

William | KBG Studio:
Nice question

To achieve a vision “One million steps for a healthier world”, we have outlined a clear path of product development and community growth for

In July:

On 10-22/07 at 9 AM UTC, we are going to INO 10,000 Limited Sneakers Boxes on multiple launchpads. You can buy NFTs at a discounted price as soon as possible.

On 14/07, users can Open Box/Trade NFT and join Beta Testing of Mobile App. We will also list RUNGEM token on the same day and go on Mainnet (16/07) with two features: Workout and Free trial Sneaker.

IDO is scheduled on 30/07, following by RUNNOW token listing in August.

In August, users will be able to mint NFTs to get a new, rarer one and participate in a new Running mode – Mara Runnow.

In September, multiple play modes will be released, including Workout & Leaderboard for Cycling, 1 vs 1/Team vs Team, Daily Quest, and Stake, Exercise & Earn. We will introduce a new sport – Cycling and NFT Character, Land, Gem as well as sell Limited Boxes by RUNNOW token.

Moreover, we will support multichain and finish wearable device API with iOS & Android. We are also planning to launch Runnow SocialFi within the GemUni Platform.

About the wearable device: We will announce a BIG NEWS of the collaboration with famous global smartwatch brand soon. Keep watching!

In Q4/2022, we will introduce New Anti-Inflation Mechanics and the third sport – Swimming – with its Limited NFT Swimwear Boxes.

More modes will be accessible by users: Tour De Runnow (Cycling), Swim With Runnow (Swimming), Runnow Man, Sleep & Earn, Donation, Catchup Runnow Go.

Runnow DAO will also be released through GemUni Platform in this quarter. That’s a lot of work, and our team is doing hard to make it happen. For the latest updates, please visit our website:

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Can’t wait to see all of this happening
It’s the end of the first part @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio:
Let’s move on to the next part

Part 2: Twitter Questions

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
We’ve chosen 3 good questions from a large number of questions we’ve received about Are you ready? @WilliamKBG

William | KBG Studio: Can’t wait to answer all your concerns.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Question 1 from @LukasDuong1

I find the Android app is still in APK version and IOS is in TestFlight version. So when can we expect proper launch in Android and IOS? What new features will be there in your app other similar app?

William | KBG Studio:
Thanks @lukasDuong1 for the question
We will open the Public Beta Test on July 14 and go Mainnet on July 16.
Different from other apps, offers diverse sports, including running, cycling, swimming, gym, yoga, sleep, and more. There are 12+ Play Modes for users to participate and earn RUNNOW/RUNGEM tokens: Mara Runnow (for running), Tour de Runnow (for cycling), Swim with Runnow (for swimming), Runnow Man Tournament, and much more.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
I’ve heard you’ve finished the Alpha Test and are now ready for the Beta Test. Ready to sign up for your app 😍

William | KBG Studio:
I still have many surprises this month.
Let’s see

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Great 😍
Question 2 from @Minano2006

While researching Runnow io I noticed that you have 4 different levels of NFT Sneakers, they are Beginner, Jogger, Runner, Super Star. So, can you tell us about these different levels? What are the differences between these levels, which level will be most beneficial to the user?

William | KBG Studio:
Nice question @minano2006
Definitely! Each level of Sneaker is suitable for different runners’ fitness needs and professionalism.

Beginner Sneakers allow you to run between 1 and 6 km/h, while Joggers enable faster speeds, at 4-10 km/h. Runners are higher-level sneakers in which you can run from 8 to 20 km/h. Super Stars are the most powerful sneakers which permits a 10-20 km/h run and highest earnings.

Depending on the level of Sneakers, you will earn different number of RUNGEM (reward token). The higher Sneakers levels, the higher earning rates.

Each pair of sneaker will cost you 12 Energy to start exercising with the earning rates of 80, 100, 120, 140 RUNGEM respectively. You can increase the earning rates by upgrading your NFT to higher levels (1 to 30) or breed 2 NFTs to get a rarer one.

NFT Sneakers will be sold in the form of Limited Mystery Boxes. You can buy NFT Sneakers at the discounted price as soon as possible when joining our upcoming INO on July 10, 2022.

Christianna| Will never DM you first:

The last question from @dasdasd75393791

Currently, is there any whitelist program for community of RUNNOW ? Many low-budget investors want to invest but they are not be able to stake token in
launchpads with their small budget!

William | KBG Studio:
Thanks @@dasdasd75393791

Yes, of course! We are opening the Whitelist for the upcoming INO on July 10. You should complete all the tasks and refer your friends to get the guaranteed spot.

Here is the link:

The Whitelist will last until July 8, and the winner announcement is on July 9. The rewards are 5,000 Whitelist slots to’s INO Round 1 (FCFS) and total 17,600 $RUNNOW for Top 50 referrers. So, you should join as soon as possible to get ready for our INO.

Part 3: Live Questions

Question 1 from @ssie_white_1995: Hello @WilliamKBG PARTNERS are the most important that strengthen the ecosystems of all projects. Could you tell us about your project partners and the partnership strategy it has adopted?

Answer: We are doing partnership with the leading tech and blockchain businesses at both local and global scales. A few names are:
(1) A leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices (will announce soon);
(2) BSClaunch – the smart platform for top-tier projects reach to the world;
(3) BoxTradEx – a crypto-platform with forward-looking concept firstly based on security and legal compliance.

We are also in talks with other globally renowned partners and will announce to the community in this month.

Question 2 from @Brain_Harlan: Hello @WilliamKBG According to the roadmap, what is your most important next priority?

Answer: Our most important next priority are our INO on July 10. We will launch INO on multiple launchpads with a total of 10,000 Limited NFT Sneakers Boxes. Stay tuned to our updates

Question 3 from @Fabian_Menendez_28: Hello @WilliamKBG Where i can get all the latest news about ? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?


Please follow our offical social and community channels for the lastest updates:











Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Wow, such an informative session. I guess everyone had an overview about KBG Studio and 😍
After the AMA today, if you still have any concerns, our CMs are always willing to support

William | KBG Studio:
Thanks all

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Follow channels for update the latest news.

William | KBG Studio:
It’s great AMA section

Christianna| Will never DM you first:
Thanks @WilliamKBG for joining us today

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