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Heat Up With Airdrop Round 2

Heat up with Airdrop Round 2 Community is getting stronger and stronger!

We are excited to bring you the next Airdrop Round 2 details. You will be eligible for the Airdrop Round 2 rewards if you complete all the tasks listed below.

About Airdrop Round 2 is happy to hold an Airdrop Round 2 to honor the upcoming INO on July 10, 2022. As our sincere thanks, this Airdrop Round 2 will offer a total prize pool up to 254,000 $RUNNOW.  

Airdrop Round 2 Timeline

📅 Duration: Jul 7th – 17th, 2022

🏆 Reward for Tasks: 250 $RUNNOW (~$7.5) for 1,000 random participants each

👨‍👩‍👧 Referral Reward: 3,500 $RUNNOW (~$105) for top 10 referrers

📢 Winner announcement: Jul 23rd, 2022

🔔 Token distribution: Distribute 20% after TGE 1 week, unlock 80% after 3 months (at the rate of 20%, 30%, 30% for 3 months)

How to join Airdrop Round 2

Complete all the tasks and Refer more friends to get your rewards!


– Follow KBG Studios on Twitter:

– Retweet INO Whitelist:

– Join Telegram Channel:

– Join Telegram community:

– Join KBG Studios Discord:

– Like KBG Studios Fanpage:

– Join KBG Studios Reddit community:

– Subcribe KBG Studios YouTube:

– Refer your friends

– Submit your BEP-20 wallet address 

Join our Airdrop now, and good luck!! Also, don’t forget to join our INO Whitelist to ensure your spot at the upcoming INO event on July 10th.

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