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Why should you hold NFT Sneakers?

Why should you hold NFT Sneakers?

Move-to-Earn means that users will earn money while engaging in physical activities such as jogging, walking, soccer, etc. Move-to-Earn is the most well-known global movement, with elements of blockchain, NFT, and cryptocurrencies. is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project. With a vision of “One million steps for a healthier world,” we want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others.

With that in mind, encourages people to take steps toward daily exercise and participate in social activities. Not only do users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards, but they can also connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities (donations, running events, etc.) to support those in need.

Today, we’ll look at the top reasons why you should own NFT Sneakers,  an item that helps you get fit and earn rewards at the same time. 

1. You can participate in various gameplay modes in

There are over 12 game modes in With parameters like calories consumed, steps taken, distance traveled, and more attached to each completion; there will be a specific type of badge for each participating mode.

Here are modes that a NFT Sneakers Holder can join in:

Free to Play/Free to Earn


You are equipped with NFT Sneakers to earn tokens by running or jogging. Energy is required to earn RUNGEM (reward token), and every 1 Energy is equivalent to 1 minute of movement. 


There will be one leaderboard every hour and 24 leaderboards a day. Each time you join the leaderboard, you lose 6 Energy. The hourly price is 2,000 RUNGEM and will be updated weekly. 

Daily Request

The AI system will consider different attributes to assign players the most appropriate daily tasks. Upon completing, users will participate in a lucky spin to earn gifts such as RUNGEM, RUNNOW, NFT, GEM, etc.

Mara Runnow – Running

There are four Marathons modes in which you can participate:

Challenge Mode

You can choose between 1 vs 1 and Team vs Team. With 1 vs 1, users can challenge anyone on their friend list after making friends on the social section of With Team vs Team, users can create a team from their friend list to challenge any other team. 

For both, it is always possible to automatically match this challenge with (another) user(s) looking for (an) opponent(s). The challenging part will cost the loser and the specific winner energy.

2. You can upgrade NFTs to increase earning rates has two primary tokens: $RUNNOW (main token)  and $RUNGEM (reward token).

You can earn both of them by purchasing items in the Marketplace, and upgrading items. There are 30 levels for every NFT and each level will require more RUNGEM and/or RUNNOW and time to complete.

3. You can get a new NFT through minting 

By breeding two NFT Sneakers, you can earn a new NFT Sneaker. 

4. You can Lend and Lease NFTs to other users

You can lend or lease your NFTs to others using either the standard rental or profit-sharing method.

NFTs Lending

Users who do not have time to practice can lend their NFTs to other users to earn. When lending, you stipulate a share of the revenue earned to the borrower (e.g., 80%-20% / 70%-30% / etc. ).

NFTs Leasing

A user who owns an NFT can lease an NFT to another user at a predetermined price for a fixed time. The lessee will have to pay a deposit equivalent to the rental cost and rental period. At the end of the leasing term, the NFT smart contract will automatically return the NFT to the owner. 

5. You can Stake and Farm NFTs for more profits

Users can Stake and Farm RUNNOW tokens and/or NFTs to receive attractive interest rates. However, during Staking or Farming, players cannot use NFT. 

Different Farming & Staking Pools from will soon open for users to stake. 


With the vision of “One million steps for a healthier world,” we hope to create a healthier, more inclusive, and sustainable world in which people not only look after themselves but also look after others. will launch an INO event on July 10, 2022 with a total of 10,000 NFT Sneakers being sold. You can get a guaranteed spot by joining our INO Whitelist here.

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