4 Ways to Make Money from Runnow.io

4 Ways to Make Money from Runnow.io

Developed by KBG Studios, Runnow.io is a Lifestyle Gamification – Move & Earn project with a vision “One million steps for a healthier world.” We want to build a healthier, inclusive, and sustainable world where people not only take care of themselves but also care for others. 

With that in mind, Runnow.io encourages people to take steps in daily exercise and participate in social activities. Not only do users improve their physical health and earn valuable in-game rewards, they can connect with communities worldwide and join in regular social activities (donations, running events, etc.) to support those in need. 

This article will show you 4 ways on how to make the most profitable income out of your daily practice, just by using Runnow.io. 

1. Free 2 Play/Free 2 Earn

Players can begin their prosperous voyage with Runnow.io for free, in addition to spending money on purchasing the Mystery Boxes, which feature in-game Characters and Sports Equipment.

Runnow.io Characters
Runnow.io’s Characters

Free 2 Play

Users can quickly create an account on the Runnow.io Marketplace and log in from there to use the Runnow.io App, where they can practice and record their daily exercise results for free.

Free to Earn

Lucky participants in the Airdrop Gift Code event can get a Gift Code to complete a quick workout challenge in order to unlock the Mystery Box. Users will either receive a gift of Sneakers, a Bicycle, or Swimwear once they open the Mystery Box (this is not an NFT and has a limited life circle).

Through practice, users can make revenue (this is an incentive bonus, and the value is subject to change without notice). Each individual can continue practicing giving a Gift Code to family, friends, or the community after getting it so they can receive extra handouts.

2. Join in daily exercises and activities

As mentioned, Runnow.io helps people on their journey of turning daily basis exercises into hard cash. In order to do so, the project has provided a wide variety of game modes and just by getting a character and sports gear, you are ready to take your first step into the Runnow.io’s world.


Users owning NFT Sneakers, Bikes, or Swimwear can earn tokens by moving around, riding a bike, or swimming. However, earning RUNGEM (reward token) requires Energy points and each Energy is equivalent to 1 minute of movement.

Runnow.io Sneakers
Runnow.io’s NFT Sneakers


In every hour there will be 1 ranking and one day there will be 24 rankings. Each time a player joins the leaderboard, they lose 6 Energy. The hourly prize is 2,000 RUNGEM and will be updated weekly.

Daily Quest

Corresponding to each user, the AI system will take into account different attributes to assign players the most appropriate daily tasks. Upon completing, users will participate in a lucky spin to have the opportunity to earn gifts such as RUNGEM, RUNNOW, NFT, GEM, etc.

3. Compete in captivating events

With the vision “One million steps for a healthier world, Runnow.io aims to not only promote the healthy aspects among individuals but also to connect communities as a whole to come together and nurture a vigorous world. For that reason, we have decided to open many engaging contests, containing valuable rewards for people who love fitness.

Mara Runnow/Tour de Runnow/Swim with Runnow

RUNGEM will be given to participants like a Workout mode; and only three players placed: First – Second – Third will be double the number of tokens earned, but it is limited to not be three times more than the last-placed player. There will be Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly events for each available sport.

Challenge Mode

Two types of options are provided in Challenge Mode: 1 vs 1 and Team vs Team. With 1 vs 1, users can challenge anyone on their friend list after making friends on the social section of Runnow.io. With Team vs Team, users can create a team from their friend list to challenge any other team.

For both, it is always possible to automatically match this challenge with (another) user(s) looking for (an) opponent(s). The challenging part will cost the loser and the specific winner energy.

Runnow Man Tournament

The participants will compete against others in a range of sports including running, cycling, and swimming.

Catchup Runnow Go

This exciting game mode is similar to the idea of Pokemon Go; there will be many gifts of NFT, Gem, Food, Water, etc., which are randomly dropped on the roads for participants to collect while moving.

4. Partake in unique programs

Runnow.io Running Event
Runnow.io’s Running Event

Alongside with intriguing active modes, Runnow.io also provides plenty of solutions for players to earn passive income, leveraging the earning game to the next level.


This is the only mode where users do not make money but give away. There are two mode options, which are “Charity” or “Love”.  All donations (in the form of RUNGEM) will be recorded as “Fairy” points. The more Fairy Points they earn, the more money, honor, and privileges they receive. 

Stake – Exercise & Earn

Through staking, users can earn more RUNNOW/RUNGEM or both based on which tokens they staked. Users can also earn extra tokens for completing specified milestones of each respective sport.

Sleep & Earn

When users connect to a device and a fitness app, Runnow.io will track sleep quality and sleep time to pay out incentives.

Learn & Earn – Runnow Online Training Programme

Besides practicing diligently, we think that users need to exercise correctly to avoid injuries and ensure their best health. So Runnow.io will extend the functionality specifically for remote training via the app. Users who buy courses from coaches will be able to learn online and participate in daily challenges to evaluate training results. Passing those tests, users can get RUNGEM or RUNNOW.


Runnow.io’s motto is “One million steps for a healthy world,” and we need you to begin this journey with us by taking your first step. The project’s INO is set to launch on July 10, 2022 with a total of 10,000 Limited NFT Sneakers Boxes being sold. This event offering will allow players to enter Runnow.io’s world sooner as the Move-to-Earn trend is a raging storm around the world.

Be the first to capitalize on this profitable trend, begin sculpting your summer physique, collect monetary bonuses, and keep up with all the latest news by following Runnow.io’s social media channels.

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