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The emergence of a new trend

The cryptocurrency industry has shown to be a very dynamic one, with unlimited possibilities and new ideas circulating. In the cryptocurrency world, we’ve seen a lot of these developments, especially since the Decentralized Finance boom of 2020. Since the DeFi summer of 2020, new forms of innovations such as NFTs, Play-to-Earn (P2E), Metaverse, Programmable Stablecoins, and others have made their rounds in the cryptocurrency space, capturing the attention of investors as more funds and investments are directed toward these industries/sectors.

Although the phrases described above still drew attention, a new concept known as Move-to-Earn (M2E) has arisen with prominent initiatives such as STEPN and Genopets. It’s using motion-sensor technology to launch a new GameFi segment that pays subscribers for being active. As the move-to-earn paradigm transitions to crypto, players may earn in-game currencies that can then be converted into real-world fiat currencies, offering meaningful advantages for their involvement rather than simply paying to play a game.

The market with possibilities but also difficulties

While ventures like STEPN are now raking in significant profits for investors, there is already a slew of new rivals on the horizon, and new revenue models could soon render it a fad. In 2021, play-to-earn was all the rage, but it’s now a pale shell of its former self. This should cause investors to doubt the move-to-earn trend’s long-term viability. The Green Metaverse Token (GMT), STEPN’s governance token, has gone parabolic, gaining 24,500 percent since its token sale on Binance on March 9. Sequoia Capital and other Web3 investors have also backed STEPN and bought $5 million in GMT in a seed round in January.

Despite the hoopla, M2E applications are still in the early phases of development, and their long-term investment potential is unknown. After the first buzz, there’s a chance that the sector won’t get widespread acceptance, and the market’s focus will shift to another trend, leaving coins significantly below their peak value.

In principle, move-to-earn programs are well-intentioned when it comes to promoting health and fitness. The effectiveness of these methods, on the other hand, is based on motivating and, in effect, seeking to influence behavior to establish habits.

According to studies, external rewards are less effective at maintaining habits than intrinsic personal motives. As a result, there are important elements to consider while investing in the long-term move-to-earn trend. There’s also the possibility of a drop-off of inactive users, because habit-building and intrinsic motives, rather than external rewards, are more effective at keeping people engaged.

Finally, detractors doubt the move-to-financial earn’s viability. Maintaining such a revenue model necessitates either the gaming being so compelling that users continue to play without cashing out their coins, or the app attracting new users who buy-in to replace those who cash out. If the move-to-earn ecosystem grows in popularity, turning physical activity into earnings may become increasingly challenging. Because more people want to transform their physical activity into money the more the token price rises, this will bring alongside the increase in the cost of entrance. — An app that alters your lifestyle and defines the market

As previously stated in this post, addressing users’ awareness of the need of developing a perfect exercise habit is critical for any M2E project to remain relevant and scalable without having suffered from user loss. is a KBG Studios project that is now the only product on the market that defines the term “lifestyle gamification app.” Activities such as Running, Cycling, Swimming, and more to come shortly set apart from other existing systems by empowering the community to move and earn in every athletic activity in their daily routine. This will surely encourage exclusivity and will aid in reaching out to more target groups and scaling quicker than the competition, particularly in terms of new users.

The project is also expected to enable multichain soon. This will ensure that participants feel at ease when starting, with more alternatives to pick from, resulting in a bigger trade volume for the game. Furthermore, GemUni’s collaboration and investment is an additional solution for to inherit the strength of the GemUni ecosystem, which includes many helpful supporting features including NFTs Lending & Leasing, Staking & Farming, SocialFi, etc.

With a team with extensive expertise in in-game and blockchain development, as well as a deliberate investment in aesthetics and appealing gameplay mechanics, demonstrates the ability to commit to a long-term project and tokenomic growth.

Despite being built later, has been fortunate to learn from all of the previous M2E projects’ errors. As a result, we implement the most comprehensive system possible for gamers to enjoy.

  • The convenience, and familiarity when you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to play, can be consulted by StepN players.
  • How to calculate ROI when investing, similar to StepN, although with more parameters but clearer.
  • At the same time moving the user has the opportunity to double the earning capacity.
  • Giving users more sports to choose from.
  • Giving users many options for increasing the earning rate by buying more different NFTs such as Character, Fashion, Food…
  • Bring diversity by partnering with many KOLs around the world as well as global sports brands.
  • Bringing diverse graphics and experiences, bringing gameplay to replace the boredom of mere applications.

All of this has demonstrated’s long-term roadmap and development strategy, which includes not only the creation of an optimized application but also raising awareness and assisting the community in developing a better lifestyle. This will strengthen’s relationship with its users and investors, allowing the business to develop swiftly and sustainably.

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