NFT Sneakers — A real-life asset to get yourself fit NFT Sneakers — A real-life asset to get yourself fit

What are NFT Sneakers?

Sneakers are the most necessary equipment to begin any exercise in real life. The same as, the gamification of fitness and lifestyle application, users must acquire suitable sneakers for themselves to start moving and earning. These sneakers are considered essential NFTs with unique base attribute ratings.

How to choose the perfect sneakers?

As previously stated, each pair of sneakers has its qualities and characteristics. Hence, gamers are advised to consider several criteria before purchasing their first pair of Sneakers.

There are 4 varieties of Sneakers available on, each suited to a runner’s fitness and professionalism.

Runnow sneakers types

To calculate the average running speed, participants should run for 10 minutes at their standard rate or walk if they cannot run. After 10 minutes, gamers will better understand which sneakers are perfect for their Move & Earn adventure.

How to acquire your NFT Sneakers? offers two types of sneakers: Standard and Brand. When opening the Mystery Boxes, you will get Sneakers with one of the following rarities:

Runnow sneakers rarity rate

Which attributes identify your NFT Sneakers?

The sneakers’ essential characteristics are uncomplicated. They come as part of the NFT Sneakers that players receive. Among these are:


Booster affects players’ RUNGEM profits. With a higher Booster Attribute, the runner will earn more RUNGEM per ENERGY spent.


Prayer recognizes assistance from outside sources like improving one’s health at random, receiving gifts, and so on.


The Helper is where you can obtain assistance with speeding up, increasing your jogging speed, etc.

Worker (Durability / Repair)

Workers assist runners in repairing damaged sneakers. Higher Resilience will result in a Slower decrease in Durability. The higher the level or line of the Sneaker, Bicycle, or Swimwear, the more expensive it is to fix.

Durability refers to the Sneaker’s/Bicycle’s/Swimwear’s to withstand repeated use before failing. If a pair of sports shoes is “broken,” the Booster ratio for Durability is as follows:

Runnow worker attribute


This stat only appears when the Character you buy is a KOL Character.

Can players upgrade their Sneakers?

Players can use RUNGEM to upgrade their Sneakers; each level requires more RUNGEM and time to complete; players can speed up the upgrading process by spending more RUNGEM.

There are 30 levels to progress through. Depending on the user’s Sneaker Rank, the player obtains 4–12 more stat points to award as the Sneakers level up.

Runnow Sneakers level

The event section will be triggered when:

Runnow Statues

How to buy NFT Sneakers?

Opening Mystery Boxes can acquire NFT Sneakers. NFT Mystery Boxes are delivered from through and Partner’s NFT Marketplaces with a limited number of versions perversion.

For players to step into the’s world faster as the Move to Earn trend is a raging storm among the world, the project INO is announced to officially arrive next month through the INO 1st Round with 4,000 Beginner Sneakers Boxes being sold from a Total of 10,000 Limited Sneakers Boxes.

Be the first to capture this lucrative trend and start getting that summer body while earning monetary prizes and following all’s social media assets to be up-to-date with all the newest information.

About is a Lifestyle Gamification — Move & Earn project based on the training needs of physically active people every day, such as walking, jogging, professional running, cycling, swimming, and other activities like Gym, Yoga, etc. to burn energy in the body and earn income from that practice.

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