Strategic Partnership Announcement: x BOXTradEx

Strategic Partnership Announcement: x BOXTradEx

We’re thrilled to have BOXTradEx listed within our non-stop growing elite network of partners.

BOXTradEx will be one of’s main marketing partners that offers all-in-one services:

1. Banner and content distribution via social media channels, including Twitter, Discord, and Telegram; 

2. Co-Marketing to conduct AMAs; 

3. Whitelist/NFT & Token Giveaway Campaign for INO Event; 

4. Multilingual Game Tutorials Production;

5. KOLs collaboration.

BOXTradEx also supports our launch on Avalanche and offers INO and ICO support for ERC-20 tokens. 

This critical strategic partnership will help us deliver on our roadmap’s promises and give our community the most incredible “Exercise-to-Earn” experience and profitable NFTs trading. 

About BoxTradEX

BOXTradEx is a GameFi Meta-ecosystem NFT marketplace to bridge the gamers, game studios, and eSports/Guild into a GameFi wonderland. We are also a cryptocurrency exchange, providing such as spot trading, automated trading tools, and fiat-to-crypto service. We aim to build a crypto-platform with a forward-looking concept to provide entry-level products and services for everyone based on security and legal compliance. On the BOXVERSE marketplace, over 100,000 NFTs from over 20+ game collections are currently available!!

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About is a Lifestyle Gamification — Move & Earn project based on the training needs of physically active people every day, such as walking, jogging, professional running, cycling, swimming, and other future activities like GYM, Yoga, etc. to burn energy in the body and earn income from that practice.

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