How to Find the Right Free to Earn Games?

How to find the right Free to Earn games

According to the Blockchain Gaming Alliance, 1.4 million unique wallets were interacting daily with gaming dApps in 2021, accounting for almost 50% of the entire blockchain usage.

Statistics by DappRadar showed that in-game NFTs represented 22% of the total $23 billion in NFT trading volume of 2021.

It’s no secret that gaming has turned from a passive hobby to a multibillion-dollar industry. However, NFT gaming projects require users considerable initial capital to participate, not to mention some risks associated such as incomplete products and features or less profitable and sustainable tokenomics.

Free to Earn is a good solution for users to access NFT games with no initial investment and free of initial risk. Though few free-to-earn projects have been launched on the market, you can still find some hidden gems following these checklists below.

1. Decide your goal of finding Free to Earn games

Understanding your desire and preference will help you select the suitable Free to Earn games.

First, you should ask yourself whether (1) Free to Earn is your ultimate goal or (2) you want to start with Free to Earn first before investing in Play to Earn.

If you go with the first one:

You just want to play games and earn free with no actual and long-term investment in NFT games. You should find Free NFT games that require players no capital to participate, such as Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, Chainmonsters, GemUni, The Sandbox, etc.

If the latter is your goal:

You want to start Free to Earn before Play to Earn to get familiar with the concept, then decide whether the game is worth investing in or not.

You need to consider more aspects of the project such as gameplay, tokenomics, token types, reward tokens (you want rewards in terms of the project’s in-game cryptocurrency or popular coins like BTC, ETH, etc.). In the game Coin Hunt World, players are rewarded with bitcoin and ether — the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum when answering quizzes correctly. You also need to consider a more long-term plan as you will invest in Play to Earn later.

2. Come up with criteria for choosing Free to Earn games

After setting your goal, you should define some criteria that should be met when selecting Free to Earn projects.

Here are some criteria for your reference:

Game and gameplay

You should pick the game and gameplay you like. Therefore, you will always be excited and have fun when playing games, as games are for entertainment, right?


As a Free to Earn game, you obviously care about how much you can earn from it. Let’s specify how much you wish to earn and what tokens/coins you want to hold, then match the games’ earnings.


It’s easy to play and earn high rewards after some time, but “how easy it is to cash out” is a question to decide if you can make real money and how much you can earn after deducting all the fees included.

Let’s add more of yours to this list!

3. Do your research with Free to Earn games

As soon as you finish defining your goal and criteria, go to well-known listing sites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, CoinMooner, DappRadar, etc., to find good free-to-earn game options.

While DappRadar offers insight into the GameFi marketplace based on users and volume, CoinMarketCap gives insight into a game’s token price trends, helping you determine the right time to get involved.

As few free-to-earn projects are available on the market, you will need to spend more time investigating and choosing the right ones for yourself. Read as much as possible from whitepapers, communities and join in AMAs or live streams to learn more about the projects.

When having more information about the game, you can adjust with your goal and criteria listed above.

4. Join and Free to Earn from the game you choose

Now, you have done a lot of researching, planning, and selecting. It’s time for you to join and try the games to see if it is suitable for your desire and preferences.

You should play and earn as much as possible to choose the best one for yourself as there is no risk involved. If you feel engaged and want to stay in this industry for a long time, consider a long-term investment in Play to Earn.


Free-to-earn games are hidden gems that combine the fun of video games with the opportunity to earn real rewards for free. It’s hard to find a good one that actualizes your free earnings, so don’t be lazy in doing your research.

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